We typically hold classes once a week. The classes are loosely structured and are led by the senior student who is present that day.

At the Nisei Veteran’s Center we have facilities for basic form training and practice on a straw practice butt (makiwara shaho). Actually ours is made of polystyrene but serves the same function.
We are trying to arrange facilities for practice at the “short” standard distance of 28 meters (kinteki shaho). Check the news page regularly for updates.

You are welcome to visit our practice locations to see what we do. Please contact us first to ensure that you receive the latest information on practice times and schedules.

*   We currently charge $100 per quarter to cover facility rental costs and loaner equipment for beginners.
* Kyudo is very safe when practiced conscientiously but insurance coverage is required and provided through our parent Kyudo organization. There is an annual fee of $20 to cover membership.
* Equipment for beginners is generally loaned out by the club, but members of the class will be expected to purchase various items along the way. Many pieces of equipment are very personal and eventually students will be obliged to purchase their own equipment.
* Miscellaneous handouts etc. are provided as part of the club. We recommend that the student acquire certain reference materials as noted in the equipment section below.

Some information is given here to give you an idea of the costs involved in acquiring equipment as you progress in your Kyudo.
For the first quarter, the club will provide any equipment or other training materials.

In the second quarter we would like you to purchase or make a gomu-yumi (“rubber bow”) for practice. A senior club member can make one for you or you can make your own. The cost is around $20.
Also in the second quarter you may like to purchase a uniform although we do not require it.
This is also a good time to get a copy of the Kyudo Manual Vol. 1. published by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation. If you plan to continue in kyudo you will need this book. This is about $30.
In the second or third quarter you may start practising with the bow and Yugake (glove). The Yugake is fitted personally to you and you will need to purchase this at this time. These are quite expensive, in the $150-$250 range.
The next stage in your learning of the technique you will be shooting into the maki-wara. At this time there are several things that you will need.
We would like you to be wearing uniform at this point. The uniform consists of:

* tabi – sock-like items – we recommend you buy at least two pairs (~$10)
* dogi – the uniform top (~$30)
* obi – a belt worn over the dogi and under the hakama (~$20)
* hakama – a pleated garment somewhat like a cross between a skirt and baggy pants. (~$70)
* muneate – women have a covering to protect the chest from the string (~$5)

You will also need your own makiwara arrow. This will be about $15-$20.
When you are ready to begin shooting at the kinteki distance of 28 meters you will need your own set of arrows. Expect to pay about $150-$200 for these. With care, this one set of arrows will last you many years.
After a year or two of regular practice you will proabably want to buy your own yumi and allow others to use the club yumi that you have been learning with. A new yumi will range upwards from about $250. Be aware that shipping can be over $100 which can add considerably to the cost even when several orders are placed together.